Straight Tapered Welded Lighting Poles

Our lighting poles are made of structural tubes longitudinally induction welded , realized by sheet steel S235jhr, compliant with Uni En 10219.

The sections diametrically different, are joined together by circumferential welding in correspondence of tapers, after cold deformation of the parties concerned to graft.

If for buried line, at each pole are made the following processes :
-hole for cables
-application of the grounding plate
-hole for doors
On top all poles are calibrated by a shank H =200 Ø 60 mm suitable for the installation of the street light and accessories.
galvanizing is performed by immersion of the materials in tanks of molten zinc at a temperature of approximately 450 degrees, the thickness of the zinc is in accordance with the legislation UNI EN ISO 1461.

Our poles are made in accordance with the UNI EN 40/5:
Dimensions and tolerances : UNI EN 40/2
materials : UNI EN 40/5
Specification for characteristic loads: UNI EN 40/3/1
Verification by calculation : UNI EN 40/3/3
Surface Protection: UNI EN 40/4


On request of the customer , poles can be made of steel with different characteristics:
-S275JR (Fe430)
-s275jr (Fe510B)


Standard Processes on poles up to 6 mts:
-grounding plate to 600mm from the base of pole  
- hole for cables   132x38 to 350mm from the base to center of the hole
- hole doors 132X38 to 1500mm from the base of pole to center of the hole

Standard processes on poles greater than 6 mts :
-grounding plate to 900mm from the base of pole
-hole for cables 186x45 to 600mm from the base to center og the hole
-hole doors 186x45 to 1800mm from the base of pole to center of the hole

Each pole are equipped with an adhesive CE label.
Optionals Special Processes on the poles:
-Door cut flush with pole
-Square or circular base plate .Dimensions and thickness on request second type of pole
-Coupling with Decorative reducing rings for poles
- Reinforced eyelet terminal
-Drip ring
-Shrinkable sleeve or steel welded sleeve
- adjustable bracket for bike track or arm flange

On customer request each pole could be paint of any color provided by the standardized range Ral