L.D.T. has been operating since 1972 in grounding, supports for TV aerials and lighting field, having a strong experience in design and production of industrial and civil technical lighting systems.

L.D.T. sales its products in all the Italy and abroad, specially in Europe.

As certified ISO 9001 firm also as far as lighting design is concerned, we place our staff with proved pluriannual experience at the custom's disposal, in order to execute every type of lighting design assuring the results, especially as regards industrial, commercial and services sector environments, supplying customized solutions.
In order to achieve these purposes we require personal data such as name, surname, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, professional activity, fiscal code, VAT number, educational qualification into possession.


The Privacy's politics and standards which L.D.T. use as far as personal data's protection is concerned, are based on the following principles:


The deal of personal data is managed as time passes by special functions with specific responsibility, determined inside the business managing system.


Personal data are collected and dealt according to the principles stated by the present Privacy Politics, in compliance with the legal dispositions in force.
According to what above, we provide the person concerned, in observance of what prescribed by the rule, with a documentation, synthetic and complete, about the deal's purposes and formalities, about the compulsory or optional data's conferring, about the consequences of the missed conferring, about people or class of people to whom personal data can be communicated and their communication field, about rights provided for by the rule (access, integration, updating, correction, cancellation, opposition to the deal), about the identity and about the office of the owner and the deal's responsible .
The person concerned, then, is asked to express his/her agreement after having been informed, at discretion and specifically; that agreement will be proved by documents for cases provided for by the law (perceptible or medical data). When the data's conferring happens in the course of more phases, there could be an integration to the documentation previously supplied and can be required possible new agreements prescribed by the law.


Personal data are dealt legitimately and according to correctitude principles, they are recorded for specific, definite and legal purposes. They are relevant and not in excess of the deal's aims. Finally, they are kept for time necessary for the collection's purposes.


The people concerned become aware of the purposes of the personal data's deal at the time of collection. Possible new data's deals, if additional or unrelated to the declared purposes, become active only upon new communication to the person concerned and possible new agreement's request, when provided for by the law. In any case, personal data are not communicated to third people and/or propagated without the preventive agreement of the person concerned, except for cases expressly stated by the art. 25, 2nd comma of the Leg. Decree n° 196/2003.


Personal data are updated as time passes. They are also managed and kept in a way that the person concerned could have the chance to know, if he wants to, which data have been collected and recorded, as well as the chance to check the quality and to demand the possible correction, integration, cancellation for breach of the law or opposition to the deal and to exercise all the other rights, according to and within bounds of the rule in force, care of the addresses indicated on the documentation which was given.


Personal data are protected by technical, computer, managing, logistic and procedural safety measures, against destruction and/or loss, even accidental, risks, as well as not-permitted access or not-agreed deal. These measures are periodically updated according to the technical progress, to data's sort and to the specific deal's features; they are also always checked and verified as time passes.


Privacy's politics is applied care of all factories and commercial branches which collect and deal with personal data.
Third people, who carry out every type of support activity for L.D.T. concerning the supply of services and products, with regard to they execute activities concerned to personal data's deal, are bound as per contract to the observance of the measures in order to guarantee safety and discretion of the deals.
With the agreement of the people concerned, when required by the law, and anyway upon specific documentation which clarifies its purposes, personal data can be propagated to third people, public and private, who will deal these data as self-owners of the deal, according to the law's dispositions. Our society L.D.T. is not in any way responsible for those deals, managed by foreign people.


Types of personal data collected and dealt by L.D.T. are those necessary to the supply of products and services of the society. Data are dealt by means of paper, computer and telematic mediums, for reasons strictly related to the deal's purposes.
About these specific deal's manners the users are informed and they declare freely their agreement for this at the time of the personal data's collection. To offer L.D.T.'s services it can be used also phone and fax numbers and the e-mail address. In case of missed conferring these very services cannot be supplied.


Personal data conferred can be propagated to third people in order to fulfil law's obligations, or to observe orders coming from public authorities or also to assert or defend a right in judicial sitting.
With regard to particular services and/or products required and with the agreement of the person concerned, personal data can be propagated to third people who carry out, as self-owner of the deal, functions strictly connected to and essential for the supply of these services or these products.


The personal data's conferring is optional, meaning that the person concerned is free to decide if conferring them or not. In case of missed conferring, totally or partially, the services required cannot be given.
As far as the personal data's collection is concerned we used recording forms, which mark specifically some data as compulsory. These data are necessary for the supply of the service or the goods required.


Our society L.D.T. adopts managing systems and technologies deemed safe to protect personal data which are dealt, against undue propagation, alteration and improper usage of the same.
In particular, protections adopted for personal data have the purpose to reduce to the minimum possible the destruction's, abstraction's or loss risks, even accidental or partial, of data, of not-permitted access or not-agreed deal or in any case not in compliance with the collection's purposes. These measures are in line with what prescribed by the law, according to the dispositions of the "Disciplinare Tecnico" enclosed to the Leg. Decree n° 196/2003.
In compliance with the rule, periodical activities concerning the "Risks' Analysis" to check the accordance to the defined Standards and, if necessary, to adopt new safety measures consequently to managing changes and technological innovations or changes in type of collected data.


Informativa sulla Privacy ai sensi del D. Lgs. 30 giugno 2003 n. 196, recante il Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali (rev 1.0 del 25062004)

Gentile Utente,

desideriamo informarLa, che i Suoi dati personali - da Lei direttamente fornitici ovvero altrimenti acquisiti nell'ambito della nostra attività – potranno formare oggetto di trattamento, nel rispetto della disposizione sopra richiamata e degli obblighi di riservatezza cui è ispirata l'attività del sito WWW.LDT-TOSONI.COM

Per trattamento di dati personali si intende la loro raccolta, registrazione, organizzazione, conservazione, consultazione, elaborazione, modificazione, selezione, estrazione, raffronto, utilizzo, interconnessione, blocco, comunicazione, cancellazione e distruzione ovvero la combinazione di due o più di tali operazioni.

Il trattamento dei dati, oltre alle finalità connesse, strumentali e necessarie alla fornitura del Servizio sarà finalizzato a:

a) comunicare i dati a terze parti che svolgono funzioni necessarie o strumentali all'operatività del Servizio e/o gestiscono banche dati finalizzate alla tutela dei rischi del credito;

b) raccogliere dati ed informazioni in via generale e particolare sugli orientamenti e le preferenze dell'Utente; inviare informazioni ed offerte commerciali, anche di terzi; inviare materiale pubblicitario e informativo; effettuare comunicazioni commerciali, anche interattive; compiere attività dirette di vendita o di collocamento di prodotti o servizi; elaborare studi e ricerche statistiche su vendite, clienti e altre informazioni, ed eventualmente comunicare le stesse a terze parti; cedere a terzi i dati raccolti ed elaborati a fini commerciali anche per la vendita o tentata vendita, ovvero per tutte quelle finalità a carattere commerciale e/o statistico lecite;

Il trattamento dei dati avverrà mediante strumenti automatizzati atti a memorizzare, gestire e trasmettere i dati stessi in modo da garantirne la sicurezza nonché la riservatezza. I dati saranno conservati presso la LDT DI TOSONI GEFFRIDO e presso la Web Farm ove risiede il Server fisico in cui il suddetto sito viene ospitato, almeno per i tempi prescritti dalle norme di legge e trattati da parte di dipendenti e/o terzi da questa incaricati, i quali svolgono le suddette attività sotto la sua diretta supervisione e responsabilità. La LDT DI TOSONI GEFFRIDO , assicura e garantisce che non saranno trattati in maniera diretta o indiretta argomenti riguardanti dati sensibili, overo ai fini del D. Lgs. 30 giugno 2003 n. 196 si intende per: “dati sensibili”, i dati personali idonei a rivelare l'origine razziale ed etnica, le convinzioni religiose, filosofiche o di altro genere, le opinioni politiche, l'adesione a partiti, sindacati, associazioni od organizzazioni a carattere religioso, filosofico, politico o sindacale, nonché i dati personali idonei a rivelare lo stato di salute e la vita sessuale.

Il conferimento del consenso al trattamento dei dati personali forniti per gli scopi di cui ai punti (a) e (b) è necessario. In caso di rifiuto alla prestazione del consenso non ci sarà possibile erogarLe i servizi.

La informiamo, inoltre, che, ai sensi dell'art. 7 del D. Lgs. 30 giugno 2003, n. 196, il Cliente ha il diritto di opporsi, in tutto o in parte, per motivi legittimi, al trattamento e può, secondo le modalità e nei limiti previsti dalla vigente normativa, richiedere la conferma dell'esistenza di dati personali che lo riguardano, e conoscerne l'origine, riceverne comunicazione intelligibile, avere informazioni circa la logica, le modalità e le finalità del trattamento, richiederne l'aggiornamento, la rettifica, l'integrazione, richiedere la cancellazione, la trasformazione in forma anonima, il blocco dei dati trattati in violazione di legge, ivi compresi quelli non più necessari al perseguimento degli scopi per i quali sono stati raccolti, nonché, più in generale, esercitare tutti i diritti che gli sono riconosciuti dalle vigenti disposizioni di legge.

Titolare del trattamento è la LDT DI TOSONI GEFFRIDO, con sede legale in C.DA FONTANELLE 28 -62010 MORROVALLE (MC) . Le eventuali istanze ai sensi dell’art. 7 del D. Lgs. 196/03 potranno essere indirizzate a LDT DI TOSONI GEFFRIDO, C.DA FONTANELLE 28 -62010 MORROVALLE (MC), oppure all’indirizzo di posta elettronica

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